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Our freshly baked cakes are unique in Melbourne and are based on old European family recipes passed down from generations.
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Our Cakes

We are proud to present our unique cake menu.

Kinder Bueno Cake

Soft chocolate sponge filled with Mascarpone chocolate cream and topped with chocolate and hazelnut.

German Cherry Cheesecake

Hazelnut crust with delicious vanilla flavoured cream cheese filling.

Esterhazy Cake

Multiple walnut layers and cream with white chocolate, dark chocolate and rum aroma.

Hungarian Honey Cake

Multi layered honey cream cake, made with honey sponge layers filled with semolina cream and jam.

Napoleon Cake

Four layers of puff pastry, filled with vanilla butter cream and topped with white chocolate.

Walnut Poppy Seed Cake

Soft chocolate sponge base topped with walnut and poppy seed cream.


Speciality Bakery

We use old European family recipes to create distinctive tasting cakes using nutritious ingredients like nuts, honey, fruit, dairy and poppy seeds.


Homemade Recipes

We bake all our cakes on our premises in "from scratch", using the best and freshest ingredient.


Low Sugar Content

Keeping the sugar content low, allows to experience the taste of vanilla, fruit, nuts, poppy seeds etc in delicate balance.


Natural Ingredients

We do not use artificial sweeteners, premix cake mixtures, or artificial colours.


European Style

We use European recipes, many used by my Grandfather in the first half of the 19th century, combining unique Hungarian and German flavours, most of which are unique in Melbourne.


Vegan and Gluten-Free

We provide to our vegan customers options of cakes without animal products. We have gluten free options on our cake menu.

Our Story

We created this shop in the honour of my grandfather's memory and to bring to life his wonderful sweet creations, I was lucky enough to enjoy as a child.

My grandfather, Oszkar Girodi, a talented pastry chef and violinist, was born in a small town in exotic Transylvania in 1914.

Despite the horrors of Two World Wars, time as a POW and communist rule, he continued to make divine cakes with the help of my beautiful grandmother in a small shop in Kolozsvar (now called Clui) until his death in 1974.

Our cakes are based on his recipes from Central Europe, combining Hungarian and German flavours, most of which are unique in Melbourne. All our cakes are made on the premises from the best ingredients.

We would like to share them with you, hoping to give you moments of pleasure and satisfaction.

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